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25 Hours - Shabbat in Your Home Sign-Up

Shabbat in Your Home offers a way for you, as congregants, to celebrate Shabbat, engage in deep learning with one another, and take ownership of your Shabbat experience – all while building community among members and with our clergy and staff.

Participate in this exciting new program by being a host!

Become a host

Select your preference(s) of topics and teacher (1 being your first choice, and so on):

   Rabbi Ken Chasen - Revolution Not Evolution The Transformation of American Jewish Life
   Rabbi Ken Chasen - Sports and Politics A Holy or Unholy Alliance?
   Rabbi Lisa Berney - A Theology of Suffering Why Do Bad Things Happen?
   Rabbi Lisa Berney - Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo A Jewish Look at Gender in America
   Rabbi Lisa Berney - Am I Dust and Ashes OR Was the World Created For Me? Cultivating a Greater Sense of Humility in Our Lives
   Rabbi Benjamin Ross - Jacobs Ladder An Exploration of Dreams Consciousness and the Divine
   Rabbi Benjamin Ross - Pikuach Nefesh Life Law and the Obligation to Save a Life
   Rabbi Benjamin Ross - Cities of Refuge What is the Los Angeles You Seek to Leave to Your Children and the Next Generation?
   Cantor Linda Kates - Sing-a-Long Shabbat A Spirited Evening of Shabbat Song
   Cantor Linda Kates - The 6 Cantillations of Chanting through the Jewish Year A Focus on the Melodies of Chant and How They Change for the Holidays and Shabbat
   Abigail Goldberg Spiegel - Making Shabbat Work for You Creating a Weekly Ritual for You and Your Family
   Abigail Goldberg Spiegel - Challah Baking 101
   Brianne Naiman - Beyond Academics Essential Skills to Foster in Young Children
   Brianne Naiman - Developing a Positive Identity and Growth Mindset in Your Child or Grandchild
   Brianne Naiman - Seeking the Power of Ordinary Moments with Children

Choose a date on the 4th Friday of the month between 6 p.m.-9 p.m. Please select at least 2.

Brew the coffee, chill the wine, order pizza, or put out some snacks, and settle in for inspired conversation and rich study with your friends and teacher. Please note: Hosting should include whatever works best for you – dinner or a meal is not required. The only requirement is your graciousness in welcoming your friends into your home.

Mon, September 23 2019 23 Elul 5779