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Memorial Garden Dedication

In addition to being a beautiful space for you to visit, the Memorial Garden is a place to honor those whose lives have touched yours. Dedicating a memorial marker is a meaningful expression of your gratitude for the impact your loved one had in life and the lasting legacy that endures through their memory. 

To complete your memorial garden dedications, please fill out the form below and click ‘Donate’ at the bottom of the page.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be able to set up a payment plan after clicking "Donate" at the bottom of this form. To set your payment plan, simply change the dropdown under "Pay this amount" from "once now" to the number of payments you would like to make. Your payments must be equal to at least $250 per marker purchased.

If you have any questions regarding completing this form, please contact Drew Davis at 310.974.4331 or

Pricing Information

See below for pricing details per marker: 

$1800 - Regular Rate (effective January 2024)

We invite you to dedicate this lasting memorial for your loved ones by completing the form below.

Donor Information

Marker Information

Please select the number of markers you wish to dedicate. Then, provide the information for the plaque that will be affixed to each memorial marker using the specification guide below. 

Sample marker:

Please note: The spacing, font size, font type, and alignment reflected in the above sample
is the standard applied to ensure consistency across all markers in the garden.

Marker specifications
Each marker can include up to a maximum of seven lines of content, with each line providing the following maximum characters:

Line 1: up to 25 characters
Line 2: up to 25 characters
Line 3: up to 20 characters
Line 4: up to 28 characters
Line 5: up to 28 characters
Line 6: up to 24 characters
Line 7: up to 24 characters

Note: Each marker can only memorialize ONE individual and can only contain the number of characters indicated (English letters, Hebrew letters, numbers, and/or a grammatical symbol - e.g., period, comma, dash, etc. - are accepted). Please ensure that your character count does not exceed the maximum number listed on each line or we will not be able to process your request.

Note: If you wish to dedicate more than ten markers, please submit and complete an additional form. 

Marker Dedication

Click the + sign for every marker you wish to add and complete the information for each line according to the character specifications listed. Please be sure to complete these fields exactly as you would like them to appear. 
Fri, May 17 2024 9 Iyar 5784